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Fat Cat


EST. | 2020

301 Main St.

Smithville, Tx 78957


The Fat Cat Lounge

Introducing Smithville's newest Wine Bar , Restaurant ,and Live Music venue. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to try unique and hard to find wines in a cozy yet intimate atmosphere and eat great food, while listening to amazing music. We will focus on Jazz and the Blues but welcome Folk, Country and other genres as well. We will also provide ample opportunities to learn more about wine by presenting dinners with wine makers and educational experiences with wine experts from all over the country. Come explore and experience what we have to offer.

Wednesday 11-8:30
Thursday:   11-8:30

Friday:        11-10
Saturday:    11-10

We are very proud to announce that we were voted "Best Restaurant in Smithville" by Bastrop County's Best voters. We also were runners up for Best Wine List, Organic Food, and Margaritas. Thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement.


Upcoming Events

Come out and sample a large variety of delicious wines, while visiting all the participating businesses. Catch up with friends, get some holiday shopping done, and hear some live music, all while tasting some of our best wines. Get tickets in advance at Holiday Sip & Shop - Event Registration ( 
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Dec. 10th
The Selfless Lovers

The Selfless Lovers are a band from another time, and that's a good thing! Harkening to the beginning days of rock and roll, and the R & B that inspired it, The Selfless Lovers play that energetic, passionate style of music that gets everyone up and moving. Leader Nik Parr plays keyboards, saxophone, and sings lead vocals and seems to be the dynamic driving force in the band that keeps them in constant motion. With Daniel Warner on drums and Evan Durr on bass, this rhythm section keeps the band propelling forward, effortlessly mixing in funk, blues, rock, and soul. Guitarist Keegan Flynn colors the songs with intense flourishes that bring an added richness to an already full sound. 

This is a band to see live as their mix of original piano driven songs can best be appreciated on the dance floor or in front of the stage. If you haven't caught their show yet, take a trip back in time and see the next big thing 

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

or call 281-236-8007 or 512-237-1098

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