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Fat Cat


EST. | 2020

301 Main St.

Smithville, Tx 78957


The Fat Cat Lounge

Introducing Smithville's newest Wine Bar , Restaurant ,and Live Music venue. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to try unique and hard to find wines in a cozy yet intimate atmosphere and eat great food, while listening to amazing music. We will focus on Jazz and the Blues but welcome Folk, Country and other genres as well. We will also provide ample opportunities to learn more about wine by presenting dinners with wine makers and educational experiences with wine experts from all over the country. Come explore and experience what we have to offer.

Hours: Thursday:   11-9
                        Friday:        11-10
                       Saturday:    11-10

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Travel the World with the New Fat Cat Passport


Since most of us can't travel the world right now, we've decided to bring the world to you. Introducing the new Fat Cat Passport. Each week the restaurant will feature wines and some food from a different country. Order at least one glass of wine and one food item to get your passport stamped for that country. This will give you a great opportunity to try lots of different wines from all over the world and also to sample different dishes each week. It is important to realize though, that there will only be one featured country per week and only one stamp, so if you miss out, you'll have to wait until that country rolls back around. Everyone that completes the entire passport will be given a cheesy T-shirt, but the real prize will be the bragging rights and satisfied palettes. The first country featured will be France, so come by and pick up you passport in March and start your International journey.


The Selfless Lovers can best be described by the term "high energy". Whether they are tearing through some piano-driven retro rock stomp, a bluesy southern rock jam, or a funky soul-infused dance song, this band never quits. Fronted by Nick Parr, who plays a blistering piano and sings lead vocals. He also delivers the frenetic sax solos that every great song used to have. With Daniel Warner on drums, Augie Gmitter on bass, and Keegan Flynn on lead guitar, this band has a solid foundation and the talent to take The Selfless Lovers to the next level. This is a band that you really have to see live to fully appreciate, so take advantage of this great opportunity while they are still available at small intimate venues like ours. If you've been waiting to hear some good ole music that sounds nostalgic and fresh at the same time, or if you just haven't danced and cut loose in a really long time, this is your lucky night! 

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or call 281-236-8007

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